Cape Coral TMJ Disorder


Have you ever woken up with a sharp pain in the join of your jaw? Does your jaw make a clicking sound when you chew or talk? If you answered yes to either, or both, of these questions then you may be suffering from what is known as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ Syndrome.

There are a variety of causes for TMJ Disorder, from stress to excessive chewing, and there are treatment options available.

Your dentist, who looks for the following symptoms, will complete a proper diagnosis:

  • Pain in the neck, at the base of the ears and in the lower back of your head.
  • Wearing on the teeth
  • Difficulty opening the jaw completely
  • Popping or grinding sounds when opening the mouth widely

For general treatment, you will be fitted with a special guard that will keep your jaw from clenching and protecting your teeth from damage, putting an end to the jaw pain. More advanced treatments can involve orthodontics.

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